KPI Tracker Dashboard

Our latest project at TEOPM is the development of a comprehensive KPI dashboard designed to provide executives and directors with actionable insights into the company's performance across multiple regions and client portfolios.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Left Sidebar Navigation:

    • The dashboard features a user-friendly left sidebar that includes sections for all regions, reports, and types of work tables. Each region—Great Lakes, Midwest, New England, Northwest, South, Southeast, and Southwest—has its own dedicated section for detailed analysis.
  2. All Regions Section:

    • The 'All Regions' section is a central hub for performance metrics, displaying critical data at a glance.
    • Users can filter information by month using the buttons at the top, which dynamically update the U.S. map to show regional data.
    • Key metrics displayed include:
      • Target
      • Revenue
      • Total Expenses
      • Net Profit
      • Weight Percentage
      • Target Achieved Percentage
      • Target Net Margin Percentage
      • Net Margin
    • A dynamic table presents all the information in a structured format, automatically updating based on the selected filters to ensure real-time accuracy.
  3. Visual Data Representation:

    • At the bottom of the 'All Regions' section, a bar column chart visually represents Revenue, Total Expenses, and Net Profit, providing a quick and clear financial overview.

The TEOPM KPI dashboard aims to streamline performance tracking and decision-making processes for company directors and executives. By consolidating critical data into an accessible and interactive interface, the dashboard enhances transparency and efficiency in monitoring regional and overall company performance.

This project underscores TEOPM's commitment to leveraging technology for strategic business insights. The comprehensive KPI dashboard is a powerful tool that empowers leaders to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve business objectives.